How’s It Work: Feed

It’s tough enough being a journalist, why follow multiple job boards, ask around for contacts or wait for stories to get big, before you know about them?

How Does It Help?

To start off, make sure you designate your beats (areas of expertise), languages and your location in your profile. Do that and you’ll have a streaming Feed, filtered based upon your interests. Then twice a week, you’ll receive an email of opportunities that fit you!

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Won’t This Be too Much Information?

Not at all. You are in complete control of the periodicity and types of posts you receive. You choose which types of announcements you receive and the topics you follow. This way you can sit back and let the opportunities, story ideas and quotes flow in.

What if I Need Someone NOW?

If it isn’t extremely pressing, then simply create a post! If you can’t wait, then send out an Alert. It’s $10 per Alert, so be sure it is worth sending.

Need help? Check out the video on how to create a post.

Any Further Promotion?

We then take the best posts and highlight them to the entire community on Mondays. On Thursdays we highlight the best story ideas. If you want to ensure yourself a slot — pay for promotion and we’ll get you in there!

Throughout the week, we’ll also highlight the best posts in our corporate social media. Paying for a slot in the weekly email also ensures you promotion there.

How Did My Post Do?

View how many members visited your post and responded to it, so you know how to improve for next time. We’ll also send an overview once your deadline has passed to ensure you know how much HackPack assisted you.

Anything Else?

Want special attention? We also provide personal consulting to find the right local member for your needs. Contact us at, and we’ll quickly respond to your inquiry.

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