How’s It Work: Security

HackPack is uniquely designed to focus on journalists and their safety is our first and foremost concern. Which is why, we’ve added safeguards to enhance the level of protection in every portion of the site.

1) Entry into the system

All new members must verify their identity by linking to their social media account or confirming their email. Next, our regional community ambassadors scour the lists of new members to verify that everyone is a professional. In the future, we will give you control over your own Communities. Three existing members in the same local area will need to confirm new members before they can post, use the full search and be found by others.

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1) Go to Settings

2) Profile Privacy

After registering, members may choose among three levels of privacy settings: public, secure and top secret. These settings enable those working in conflict zones or repressive countries to hide all identifying information. They can even choose to appear only in searches that are performed by members who they have pre-approved as colleagues.

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2) Select Privacy

Public: All members can view your profile and information within it.

Secure: No identifying information on your profile is shown until you decide to allow someone to view it or indicate that they are a colleague. Information hidden includes: real name, profile picture, portfolio, social media links, references, colleague feedback and ‘about me’.

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3) Decide on your level of Privacy

Top Secret: You do not appear within any search. And if non-colleagues happen to find your profile’s link, they only see your pseudonym and role.

3) Offline

Another key aspect of security is education. Our regional community ambassadors host seminars with journalists around the world, taking them through various workshops that will help journalists better understand how to conduct their work in a safe and secure environment. Since we are working in the digital age, we will conduct classes to emphasize the importance of using VPN, Tor and other tools to work online securely. We shall even conduct workshops on the precautions a journalist will need to take to work in a hostile work environment such as warzones and riot-prone regions.

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