How’s It Work: Search

We’ve designed HackPack to help publishers and brands quickly find, pay and manage media professionals around the world. Key in that is FINDING the right person.

The best way to do that is to create an assignment. However, sometimes you just want a specific person or don’t want to announce the project to everyone. For that, we’ve created the Search.

How’s it work?

HackPack members have already their languages, location and skills in their profiles. This way you can enter the exact criteria you need and pinpoint the right professional for you!

In the Pay as You Go version, you see just five results. To access the full community, be sure to subscribe and utilize HackPack to the fullest extent!

Filtering Options
You’ve conducted a search, and now you see many options…who do you select?

To ensure you find the most qualified members, the HackPack team confirms members after ascertaining that they are professionals. This means that the results of any search are ONLY members who have been vetted by the HackPack team.

Next, we filter members, so only those who add languages, location, employers, skills and a profile pic are on the top of your search results. You’re too busy to be distracted by members who are still developing their profiles.

Finally, we designate the best members as HackPack Recommended. These are members who we’ve worked with, trust and believe will not let you down.

Once you’ve found a member who seems to be a fit for your project, send them a Private Message and get to work. Journalism is all about collaboration, so don’t be afraid, start the conversation today!

In the Pay as You Go version, you can send Private Messages to 25 members per month. To reach an unlimited number of people, be sure to subscribe and utilize HackPack to the fullest extent.

In the Future

We envision the Search to be a key function for incentivizing professional behavior. We plan on adding an algorithm which places members on the top of the search results based upon:

  1. Average rating in colleague feedback
  2. Total publications
  3. Circulation size of their publications

This way you see candidates filtered by their skill, extent of experience and level of impact. Members are also incentivized to either improve their professionalism, publish more stories or publish in larger publications to reach the top of searches.

Not bad huh?

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