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Journalism is all about connections. Do you have a source inside the NSA?? Do you know how to contact that photo editor? Are you connected with a fixer on location who can get you safely in and out of an area, while providing you with an air-conditioned car?

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Contacts are great, but we believe skills are more important. So we are turning the “it’s not what you know, but who you know” on its head.

HackPack allows you to find the right person, designate yourselves as Colleagues, and then provide feedback on their professional skills. This means if you impress editors, then everyone else will know you’ve worked with them and why they should work with you. Plus, you can hold each other accountable to a higher level of professionalism.

What Do We Consider a Colleague?

We consider a Colleague to be anyone who you have previously collaborated with who can be trusted to give a competent reference about your professionalism and skills. Not just a friend, but someone who can vouch for you. These references play a pivotal role in vetting the quality of your skills. So…

Don’t just add anyone as a Colleague!

What’s in It for Us?

Colleagues are key to helping you land more gigs.

  1. They are designated as ‘References’ with whom other members can consult about your skills
  2. You’ll be able to evaluate each other in the Colleague Feedback section
  3. If you have set your privacy settings as Secure or Top Secret, only your colleagues will be able to see your profile information
  4. You can send unlimited personal messages to each other.

How do I add Colleagues?

Link your Facebook to HackPack and we’ll suggest Colleagues!

Or simply search for someone and add them as a Colleague.

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