Founder and CEO, Justin Varilek.

Anyone who works full-time in journalism knows this job isn’t easy. We face constant criticism, tight deadlines, tidal waves of information and we run on big coffees and small paycheques.

Nonetheless, we here at HackPack can say that it has been entirely worth it.

This year, we’ve connected you with jobs and grants, we’ve met you in person at our events, we’ve gotten the amazing privilege of speaking to you and having creators from VICE, The Wall Street Journal, Libération, National Geographic, Foreign Policy, Reuters, the BBC, The Times of India and many more on our site. We couldn’t hope for more.

This year, we’ve been in Berlin, Barcelona, New York, Chicago, Boston, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kingston and Mexico City. The meetings, the airport waiting rooms and the innumerable coffee shops we’ve given our e-mails to for wifi have paid off. All of it has given us opportunities to learn more about what you guys need and want, and it has been inspiring to see that journalism continues to thrive.

A picture is worth 1,000 words, so an interactive timeline has got to be worth several more. Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve done. Bring on 2017.

Helping you tell the stories that matter,
Your HackPack Team.

The global network for the media industry. Helping publications and companies find, hire and manage journalists, photographers and videographers.

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