2016 was one hell of a year. In the last few weeks, our social media feeds were full of people ridiculing twelve months of Brexit, Trump, the passing of many beloved celebrities and innumerable other events.

But here at HackPack, we’re really excited about how much we’ve grown. It’s been a year full of ups and downs, but we definitely feel like the ups have dominated those downs. Here’s a look at how far we’ve come, and what 2017 holds.

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We biiiiig.

At the start of the year, we were small (but proud!) at 2717 members. Now we’ve hit 7,500 members in 137 countries! This year, expect us to cover all 190 countries and triple in size again.

Numbers are nice, but stories are better.

Through HackPack, you’ve covered amazing events & created fantastic stories from the Brussels terrorist attacks to interviewing Gorbachev to India’s banking system. Members have even traveled to the US on fellowships that they found through HackPack.

In this coming year, we’ll be bringing on more and more clients for you. As a kickstart gift, here’s some people to start pitching to right now!

Not just a social network.

We kicked off our secret meet ups in Moscow, hosting one at Reuters, and two more for photographers and videographers.

We plan on expanding these to Berlin and have a packed schedule for you! (Want to get involved in your city? Just write to us at yourintern(at)hackpack.press and we can start discussing how to kick off secret meet-ups in your neighborhood.)

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Mmmmm Berlin.

In September, we were invited by the media incubator Project Flying Elephant to participate and grow faster. So, we moved the HQ to Berlin and have been enjoying the techno ever since.

Overall, an amazing year! But 2017 will be even sweeter.

We’ll keep up our weekly highlights of gigs and grants, placing even more focus on promoting you around upcoming events and breaking news.

Expect large growth with German-speaking publications, but we’ll also be growing in the US and Spanish-speaking media markets. So if you’re in those areas, get ready for a much bigger community.

As for the platform, it’s all about connecting.

We’ll be adding online communities for you to collaborate and share information with other members who focus on the same topics and live in the same locations.

We’re launching an SMS service, so you can quickly respond to opportunities (and nothing gets lost in emails).

Then to help you focus on creating stories, we’re developing feedback and payment systems. This way, you can confidently work together and know you’ll be promptly paid.

For the editors and producers out there, we’re giving you guys a talent management service. This way you always know who you’ve previously worked with and don’t lose your contacts for the next story.

There’s a lot to be done, but if 2016 has shown us anything, it is that quality journalism is pivotal in changing our world. And we’re working to make sure you can tell the stories that matter.

Founder, HackPack.press

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The global network for the media industry. Helping publications and companies find, hire and manage journalists, photographers and videographers.

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