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It has been almost one year since we launched HackPack, and I want to share new changes and make this a bit more interactive.

We are now a community of 5700 members in 130 countries, growing about 15% each month!

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Location of members on HackPack.

Members have received grants, hired and been hired as well as produced great stories. Some of those people include: Deepak Adhikari, Andrew Ghilan, Benjamin Zagzag, Elizaveta Dmitrieva and Maral Gholampour.

(PS if you have hired or been hired, received a grant or produced a story, write to us, we want to highlight you!)

Lessons Learned

During this time, we have seen a need to provide assistance with negotiations and payment between media outlets and journalists.

Essentially, you need to focus on creating stories that matter, not chasing down payments, fighting banks and struggling with contracts.

Next Steps

So as we create an automatic system, we will provide an intermediary function for a fee of 15% to the content purchaser. Starting July 11, we will:

1) Negotiate prices for you
2) Provide contracts
3) Manage the payment process to ensure it is timely
4) File any necessary invoices

How’s this work?

Journalists: If an editor or producer reaches out to you and requests you to perform a specific task, write to us at We’ll then step forward as your agent. It’s in our interests to make sure that you have no problems, so honestly we will be slightly biased toward you.

Editors & Producers: If you need someone, write to us at We will assist in identifying the right person for your task, then manage all of the legal and accounting aspects for a 15% fee. Payment is simple using your credit or debit card to HackPack, Inc. registered in the US.

Help Us, Help You

Do you have any examples of contracts that you think could benefit others? Share them with us at We’ll collect them and offer the best contracts for the rest of the community to use.

Making it easier to tell great stories,

Your HackPack Team

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