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Hi all, HackPack is getting a facelift!

After a fresh design of the homepage, phase one is complete. (Check out the design at

With the new design, we have new opportunities for you. As always, we focus on promoting you and connecting you with clients.

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Introducing project Spotlight.

Every month, we will promote photos by four members on the homepage. In exchange for permission to showcase your work, we will:

  • Highlight your work on the homepage, with a direct link to your profile
  • Interview you for our blog, similar to: Elizaveta Dmitrieva, Andrew Ghilan and Deepak Adhikari
  • Provide $15 worth of credits to help you promote posts, including story ideas
  • Designate you as HP Recommended (and you’ll appear at the top of searches)

Who can apply

We’ll designate these members as HP Recommended and back you with our name to potential clients. So we need to hold our featured members to certain conditions.

You must:

  • Have published your work at least 3 times (and indicate links in your profile)
  • Fill out languages, locations and employers in your profile
  • Demonstrate a high-level of professionalism

What is professionalism?

The top elements that we consider are:

Technical skill: Your shots meet the highest quality of standards for your field, such as documentary, sport, breaking news or art
Professionalism: You are punctual, concise and clear with communication. You study a story’s background before a shoot. You prepare in advance for potential setbacks
Sense of Urgency: You send photos back to the client promptly and respond to messages at an appropriate speed
Foresight: You think about where the shot will be and the types of shots required for the job

We also evaluate how you work with colleagues like fixers:

Payment: You ensure fixers or colleagues are paid fully and within committed timelines
Collaboration: You include colleagues in planning and have a clear idea of what to do and how
Safety: You respect colleagues’ concern for safety and consider the need for security, anonymity, vests, accreditation, or credentials
Accountability: You take responsibility for how your actions will affect other colleagues, including fixers

Photo requirements

We aim to demonstrate the breadth of talent that HackPack members possess, so photos can cover everything — from political protests to fashion shows to stunning landscapes.

• Dimension requirements — horizontal, about 1600 x 1000px
• You possess ownership rights of the work
• Photos do not break any privacy, copyright or criminal laws

How to apply

Send an email to with the subject ‘Spotlight’.

Looking forward to seeing your work!

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