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Tired of ruffling through excel sheets and emails to track all of your projects and payments?

One of our goals is to help make your life more efficient, so we’re making your project management and accounting so much easier with our Post History.

What is it?

The Post History is a centralized console that allows you to track all the projects you are working on.

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How’s It Work?

After you have commissioned a freelancer, the post appears in the Post History for both the freelancer and commissioner.

So no matter if you have 1 project or 10 in progress, you can see who is working on what. The status shows you the progress of the project and it lights up red when your attention is required for unread messages or a change in its status.


At any time, you can simply export all the projects you’ve worked on for accounting and tax purposes. This way with the click of a button, you have a list of all the projects you worked on, who with and for how much!

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Working in Teams

Agencies and larger teams often have multiple people commissioning and managing projects. If someone is sick or on vacation, projects often become lost. With a subscription, your team is able to unite all the projects they work on under a consolidated centralized console.

With this tool, members track every single project created by members of their organization, who was managing the project and can immediately jump in to not lose a beat.

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