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Online Courses for Journalists

The best journalists are lifelong learners. A handful of digital learning opportunities to start your year.

HackPack was started on the idea that journalists worldwide, regardless of location, should have equal opportunities for fruitful careers. That doesn’t just stop at jobs. With constraints of time, location and finances, it can be hard for journalists to get a fair shot at career development, which can be just as important as landing a paycheck.

BBC Academy

You won’t get a certificate from these, but the BBC has put together a trove of information, advice and how-tos about journalism, production and broadcast.


Coursera charges for courses, although some lectures and assignments are available free to help you decide if the course is what you’re looking for. Financial aid is sometimes available. Available on Coursera:


EdX offers many courses for free, however, you can pay an additional fee to be certified after successful completion of the course. Available on EdX:

Knight Foundation Digital Library

If you’re an independent learner, the Knight Foundation has some of its publications ready for free download at its Journalism for the Americas site. Many are region specific, but some, like Ethics in Online Journalism, are useful regardless of location.

Poynter’s News University

Poynter has put together over 300 courses, some free, others at low-cost, for journalists worldwide. The university currently has over 350,000 registered users.

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