#MeetHackPack: Justin Varilek

We made good on our promise! One of us (cough cough Farah) wouldn’t leave us all alone until we made videos so you could see us in person. We hope you like getting to know us as much as we’ve liked getting to know you.

Justin is our fearless leader. As Founder and CEO of HackPack, it’s hard to find something that isn’t in his job description. He is known for his ability to be doing three things at once, and is a surprisingly good cook.


Hi, I’m Justin Varilek, I’m 27 from Iowa in the US, and I HackPack to help you tell the stories that matter.

Media outlets are trying to cover the nuances of, say, the Syria war, from New York. It’s just not possible. So I started creating HackPack to help local journalists on the ground, experts in what’s actually going on and media outlets around the world. This way, journalists can find jobs, media outlets can really tell what’s going on, and you, the public, receive information about what really matters.

I’m Justin Varilek, CEO and Founder of HackPack, and I HackPack so that you can tell the stories that matter.

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