#MeetHackPack: Farahnaz Mohammed

We made good on our promise! One of us (cough cough Farah) wouldn’t leave us all alone until we made videos so you could see us in person. We hope you like getting to know us as much as we’ve liked getting to know you.

Farah is our Community Manager for the Americas and overly enthusiastic about everything. She is known for using too many exclamation marks and subsisting on only coffee for days at a time. (We’re trying to break her of the habit.)


Hey guys, I’m Farahnaz Mohammed, but you should call me Farah, that’s easier. I’m 26 and I’m originally from Jamaica, although I’ve been living and working all over ever since. I’m your Community Manager for the Americas here at HackPack.

And the reason I do what I do is because I used to be a freelancer in Jamaica and I found it incredibly difficult to get the attention of major media outlets even though at the same time, I was hearing calls for stories from places like mine, from people like me.

And then miraculously, I found myself at Northwestern University and I was so surprised at how much easier it was to get in touch with everyone I wanted to, not because I’d gotten exponentially better, but because I knew the right people.

And so that’s what I’m doing what I’m doing. It’s to be able to help you guys do the same thing, and to connect to the people you need to to help tell the stories that matter.

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