#MeetHackPack: Anastasia Papandina

We made good on our promise! One of us (cough cough Farah) wouldn’t leave us all alone until we made videos so you could see us in person. We hope you like getting to know us as much as we’ve liked getting to know you.

Anastasia is our Community Manager for Russia & CIS and our resident sweetheart. She speaks an alarming number of languages, has worked in every part of this industry and uncannily, we’ve never seen her have a bad hair day.


I’m Anastasia, I’m 23 and I was born in Russia. I’ve tried different types of media jobs, including working as an correspondent, editor, PR manager.

That’s what HackPack gives you. Even with all the power of social networks, you can’t find a specialist without knowing his name. HackPack is designed to help you find who you need, even if you only know the beat, the language or the area. That’s what I like about it.

I’m helping to expand in Russia and CIS. Going global today is what really matters, and HackPack is the first service uniting the media sphere across the world, uniting us in our effort for strong, independent journalism.

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