How it works: Freelance Pool

This is definitely our most powerful tool because it makes processes within teams so much more efficient and easy.

In fact, it is so efficient that it is essentially invisible.

Let me explain.

Every time you work with a new freelancer, you publish an assignment. You’ll have multiple members apply, but you only commission to one. That freelancer is then attached to your specific assignment.

Once you accept their work, you are asked a simple question — did you enjoy working with them?

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If you did, and you would like the rest of your team to have access to this freelancer, then click yes.

That’s it. One click of a button.

Now every other team member can send out assignments, search for a specific skill or freelancer in a location, they will find that freelancer. This way your team only stresses once to find a freelancer in that location.

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Even better is that HackPack is a living database. This means that we work hard and incentivize members to update

1) their contact information

2) their location

3) their areas of expertise

4) their technical equipment

So you could spend time after each project uploading contact information, location and areas of expertise for your freelancers in an excel sheet. Then within six months you’ll realize that the information is out of date. OR let us do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on telling the stories that matter.

Request a demo today to see how the freelancer management tool can help your team!

**This tool is only accessible by paying for a subscription.

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