How it works: Creating a Company Page

Teams we’re here for you! Whether you are a production agency creating stories for various clients or a publication chasing after breaking news stories.

You all need to source a wide range of freelancers, track all of the transactions and get people paid. So we’ve produced a freelancer relationship management tool to help you swiftly and easily find, pay and manage great professionals around the world!

The first component of this tool is creating a company page.

Consider this your centralized console to connect all team members, save all projects going out, create a freelance pool and pay from a centralized account.

After subscribing, start off by adding your company’s website. This will let you know if someone on your team has already created a page and prevent anyone from pretending to be you.

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Once the company page is created, go ahead and fill out the profile. This way other members understand who you are and who you represent. Include

  • a general description
  • the company’s HQ so members know when to contact you
  • the professional language of the company
  • social media links
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Now you are all set up! Next steps are:

Add members
Connect members to your company account, and they’ll receive the same subscription rights, can pay from the company account and the projects they create are recorded with your company.

Be sure to indicate the right level of authority that they should have over your company page.

Post History

Review your team’s Post History. On this page, you see all the projects created by your team members — who created them, who worked on them, pricing, etc. You can even export the full excel sheet for easy accounting.

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Freelance Pool
Every time a member of your team enjoys working with a freelancer, then they confirm that member, and the freelancer is saved to your company’s freelance pool. Now any other member of your company can send requests to that freelancer or find them in the search, regardless if the original commissioner is unavailable, on vacation or leaves your company.

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Want a more moving picture explanation? Check out this instructional video:

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