How’s It Work: Promoting Experts

Journalists need expert opinions and you have the experts. So why not bring them together?

At HackPack, we provide multiple ways to help you partner with journalists and ensure that it is your experts who are receiving quote and commentary requests.

Each week, we highlight select experts to our global database of journalists and editors. Wanna be on it? Take a look at these 4 easy steps to slide through our filter.

Step 1 Legitimize Yourself

Create or join an organization page

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Step 2 Bring in the Experts

Create expert profiles. Invite experts to join your organization page or if you are already an expert, add your organization info to your profile.

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Step 3 Let Us Know Who You Are

Add information in your profiles for: 1) Expertise, 2) Languages, 3) Location, 4) Biography and 5) Contacting “How to contact experts for interviews & quotes”

P.S The more, the merrier, and the more likely someone will actually approach you.

Step 4 Get Our Attention

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Each week, we select four experts. You can improve your chances of landing in that list by taking these simple steps:

  1. After you add info to your profile, write to Justin or Nikhil. Only write once! If you’re a fit, we’ll add you to the waiting list. If you don’t, writing constantly may only hinder your chances of getting in.
  2. You’ll also soon be able to pay for promotion, to ensure your experts land in that list. Stay tuned!

How do we select experts for the weekly highlight?

We won’t lie; this is a pretty subjective process. We try to base it upon what would be most useful for journalists. That means we look at:

  1. A member’s level of expertise
  2. Recognition from peers in the field
  3. Fluency in languages that our members speak
  4. Whether the expertise is topical, i.e. if the UN is meeting for climate change discussions, we’ll promote experts on the environment and climate change

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