Whether you are looking for a videographer, photographer or journalist, it’s tough finding the right professional with the pace of today’s news cycle. So we’ve built a system to make it easier to find and manage all your projects.

Step 1

Click Hire via HackPack to commission a professional for a project or hire full-time.

All freelancers hired through HackPack MUST be paid via HackPack. If you are seeking to hire full-time, there is not a requirement to pay via HackPack, however, to achieve best results, you can pay for promotion or HR assistance from our team

By paying through HackPack, the freelancer is automatically covered with insurance, you save money on international transfers, AND you save time with payment on-boarding.

Step 2

Fill out a clear and concise information on the project.

Description: Provide a clear and detailed brief. Most important is for you to KNOW exactly what you are needing — style, date, concept — or state clearly that you are clarifying it with the freelancer

Here’s a good blog on how to create quality briefs.

Price: Everyone’s life is simpler when you know exactly what you are willing to pay for something. However, you can leave this blank and only add it after discussing the whole project or negotiating with various freelancers.

Visibility: This is broken into two sections (Connections and Skills & Expertise)

  • Connections — only members directly connected to you will receive notification of this post
  • Skills & Expertise — you indicate location, language, role or expertise & skills. Based upon that, the project will appear on the Feed for members who match those requirements.

Step 3

If your project is urgent or you want to ensure members see it, send it as an Alert. This pushes the request out to members’ emails, phones and Whatsapp.

Cost of alerts vary based upon total recipients who will receive it, starting at 25USD for up to 100 recipients. Whereas subscribed members can send an unlimited number of SMS alerts.

Be sure that you focus the visibility, so you don’t spam members who don’t fit your project!

Step 4

After publishing, the post will appear in users’ Feeds and be pushed out to them if you chose to send an Alert. You can also request to include it in the weekly Newsletter for 25USD.

Step 5

Once members see an assignment that interests them, they click apply and you receive a notification. You can go to their profile, review them, have a call or simply accept them!

Step 6

The freelancer works on the project and when everything is ready, they provide you the content as you prefer, then send you an invoice via the platform. Review the invoice to ensure everything is correct, then approve it. As soon as you do, we’ll know to include this project in your monthly invoice.

Step 7

Don’t forget, we all grow together in a community. As you work with various members, be sure to provide a reference for them! This will help them appear higher in the search or clarify for other members whether they want to work with that professional.

Managing Problems

Ideally you are able to resolve all issues professionally by respecting one another. However if at any point, there is an issue or complication, then you can select ‘Help’. Our team receives a notification and will intervene to help resolve the issue. We’ve added this largely to resolve disputes over price, deadlines or refusal to pay.

Good luck and get out there to tell the stories that matter!

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The global network for the media industry. Helping publications and companies find, hire and manage journalists, photographers and videographers.

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