#HackPackStories Connecting the HackPack Community

Things are heating up in the HackPack team as we get closer to launching the freelancer management and payment systems in July. This month we’re also coming out with Communities in Beta!

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Because of that, we’re looking at ways to help you all get to know each other better, bring in new members for you to connect with and new clients for you to work with. After a bit of sitting, extra coffee and inspiration, we realized that the best option would be to give you a soapbox to share the stories that you’ve created and a bit about yourselves.

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Specifically in the next three weeks, we’d love to hear from you on one or more of these questions:

1. What story did you create with the help of HackPack?

2. How HackPack has helped you?

3. Who have you been connected with because of HackPack?

4. Share something fun about you

Here’s a few examples of what members have sent in:

To sweeten the deal, we’ll:

  1. Include photographers in our Spotlight program and highlight their work on the homepage

Example: Maria Plotnikova

2. Interview other members and promote them through our Blog

3. Give you 10USD worth of funds to send out urgent requests and story pitches

To participate, film a short video on your phone, send it to yourintern@hackpack.press or post on social media with the Hashtag #HackPackStories by July 1. We’ll combine the photos into a collage and promote to the community and on social media!

This should be a great way for you to get to know each other, bring in more members to collaborate with and promote you to potential clients. Looking forward to hearing about the connections you’ve made!



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