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After a few months of hearing your thoughts on how to carve out HackPack’s values, we’ve solidified the HackPack Pillars.

These are the values that influence all of our actions at HackPack — from prioritizing new tools, paid services and who we admit into the community.

As we’ve grown to a community of over 11,000 media professionals in 155 countries, we believe it is important to share them with you and make it clear what keeps our community standing.

So without further ado, here are the HackPack Pillars:

HackPack is designed by journalists for journalists. We are guided by asking “what will create the most impact for those with direct access on the ground but with the least access to financial resources.” How can we help you be financially independent so you can then produce the stories that matter?

To match that value, we are creating tools to make life easier for journalists

  1. Aggregated lists of grants, fellowships and jobs to diminish time searching and to diversify revenue
  2. Online communities to band together and provide each other support
  3. Transaction system to receive pay in a timely manner and retain more during transfer fees
  4. Automatic invoicing to diminish time on accounting for projects and taxes at the end of the year

HackPack is designed to create order in your life and diminish wasted time.

We help you to rapidly connect, limit spam and share those connections through:

  1. Receive posts that match your language, expertise and location. Less spam, faster connections
  2. The Post History helps you track all of your activities and projects to simplify project management and accounting
  3. The Talent Management System records all the connections you develop overtime, so clients don’t lose access to you

HackPack is a closed COMMUNITY, just for media professionals. Every member is vetted and must be confirmed by three members before gaining full access

  1. The local online communities give you space to build relationships
  2. The Secret Meet-ups help you go beyond online chat groups to build stronger relationships and more collaboration
  3. Colleague Feedback drives accountability by creating transparency and encouragement to work professionally
  4. Members are also removed due to a lack of professionalism or respect toward fellow colleagues

HackPack is designed so you grow professionally and socially. Both are often intertwined and will then lead to a stronger media industry

  1. Secret Meet-ups — we host closed events around the world on specific topics to help members build their connections, learn from each other and improve their skills
  2. Ranking in searches — members appear higher in searches based upon their average colleague feedback rating to encourage higher levels of professionalism

Be brave, push your limits and be honest with yourself and others. That’s how we keep it real and what we strive for. We encourage you to do the same.

  1. Colleague Feedback gives you the power to keep each other in check. When someone acts unprofessionally, it is up to you to help educate them and the rest of the community in a constructive manner. Sometimes that means calling in the admins to resolve the situation.
  2. Secret Meet-ups pull you out of your home and out of your box to meet new people
  3. We provide enough security to diminish risks in working with colleagues around the world, it’s up to you to open the door and take advantage of the opportunity

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