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HackPack Sorting Hat: What Role Are You?

The role you designate when you sign up do a lot more than put a label on your profile — it changes how the platform works for you. Make sure you choose which best fits you. Test yourself here!

Your designated role (journalist, blogger, videographer, producer, expert, etc.) is the key factor connecting you with opportunities and colleagues in the media industry. It defines which type of posts you can create and the type of posts you receive. Specifically:

• Journalists, Fixers, Videographers, Photographers, Bloggers do not receive quote queries and cannot create Press Releases

• Editors and Producers do not receive quote queries and cannot create Press Releases

• PR Professionals, Experts and Marketers do not receive Story Pitches and cannot create Quote Queries or Story Pitches.

You also receive highlighted weekly gigs and story ideas based upon your role.

In the future, your main role will also influence aspects of your functionality, including access to the search and colleague feedback.

(But hey, don’t worry if you wear multiple hats. Indicating secondary roles will ensure you are found in the search under those positions, and you will also receive opportunities in the Feed based on that.)

To help you make a decision, here is a quick rundown on roles:

You oversee all aspects of video or radio production. Sometimes you conceive story ideas and pitch them, however, you largely focus on the organizational aspects of a TV, radio or film production, i.e. finding the crew, organizing logistics, setting up interviews, applying for permissions, etc. Oftentimes your role will coincide with a fixer’s.

Unlike a journalist, you mainly focus on the production of content for commercial needs. This could be a freelancer writing email campaigns, a full-time editor overseeing corporate blogs or websites, or a director for internal communications.

You’re an influencer who blogs, but usually not for a specific organization or employer. You focus on a specific topic and demonstrate an expertise in it to gather a large audience/following. But unlike journalists, you try to derive income directly from clients through your blog content, audience and advertising. Bloggers can be any media (text, photo, video, etc.)

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