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HackPack Keeps Developing!

Hi all,

A new month is upon us, and we’ve just kicked off a bunch of great improvements!

Here are the highlighted features, and remember write to us if you see any issues or have ideas on how to improve HackPack.

You may have noticed HackPack’s sleek new design. We’ve simplified things so you and all new members immediately know what this community is about: connecting you with jobs, grants and story pitches.

Home — this is your personalized list of opportunities. Fill out beats, languages and location in your profile to stay up to date.

We also send aggregated lists Mon., Wed. and Fri. to your email. So ensure messages from don’t go to spam.

Filters — click on the top tabs to filter the opportunities within your Feed.

Follow — Found a grant or event that you like, but don’t have time to apply now? Save it for later by clicking on the star.

To see all posts that you Saved, look under the hidden tab.

Know who you are targeting: When creating posts (job offers, competitions or story pitches), you now see how many members will actually see them based upon the tags you select. Adjust accordingly!

Select the right beats and skills: Now beats and skills are extremely agile and flexible. You can add new types in your profile and see how many other members have designated that same type. If it doesn’t exist, be the first to add one!

(Psst: if you ever need to log out, it’s been moved inside ‘Settings’.)

If you need someone, are looking to hire or have story ideas, be sure to post and efficiently find people who can help!

Working hard so you can tell the stories that matter,
Your HackPack team

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