HackPack 2.0-Fixing the way freelancing works

Throughout the COVID summer, HackPack has brought journalists, videographers, fixers and photographers over 60,000USD in over 50 countries. We have seen clients’ need to find someone local due to travel and budget constraints, while freelancers face intense economic hardships.

Therefore, we have set ourselves to fix the way freelancing works and created a new platform that resolves the key issues that arise when working with freelancers in today’s environment.

Especially resolving sourcing, paying and managing freelance talent.

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What the Platform Offers

For Publishers, Marketers and Due Diligence Agencies

  • Source talent and pitches from +14k freelancers in 170 countries
  • Provide insurance to freelancers in the field
  • Automate invoicing & reporting
  • Eliminate costs for global payments

For Freelancers

- Simplifying entrepreneurship by

  • Promoting pitches to clients
  • Sourcing gigs that match their needs
  • Guaranteeing timely payment

- Encouraging safety by

  • providing medical insurance
  • identifying HEFAT Trainings
  • indicating their protective gear

- Promoting professionalism by

  • incorporating references between freelancers and clients
  • maintaining a strict professionalism policy between clients & freelancers
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How does it work for Publishers, Marketers & Agencies?

After being evaluated, clients sign a subscription contract to become HackPack Approved. They then have access to the talent management platform and community of 14,000 journalists, photographers, videographers and fixers.

They can hire any member of the HackPack community or their own existing freelancers via the platform and those freelancers will automatically be covered with insurance.

When they need someone or story ideas, they send out requests that reach members immediately via SMS or Whatsapp. They review candidates’ portfolio of works, references and speak with them to build trust and clarify the project. Upon completion of a project, the freelancer sends an invoice through the platform and the client validates it.

The platform also provides the flexibility and personalization needed in the media industry. If a client is rushing, they can write directly to freelancers. After discussing a project and agreeing, the freelancer sends an invoice to track the project.

HackPack then manages all payments, filing a single definitive invoice each month and overseeing the payment process to each freelancer, ensuring they receive the best currency exchange rate and covering transfer fees.

How does it work for Freelancers

Freelance professionals join HackPack for free. They then obtain a means to promote themselves: a personal page to host their portfolio and a platform to share work and story pitches.

When hired by a HackPack Approved client, they are guaranteed pay, accidental medical insurance and arbitration assistance through the platform.

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Stories set aflight via HackPack:

ZDF on COVID-19: https://www.zdf.de/kinder/purplus/corona-weltweit-kinder-im-ausnahmezustand-100.html

BBC on Belarus protests: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-europe-53491514/belarus-election-snatched-from-the-streets-in-europe-s-last-dictatorship

Pear Video on Portland Protests: https://www.pearvideo.com/video_1691449?st=1

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