Confirming Members on HackPack

Who do we confirm into HackPack?

At HackPack, we take your security very seriously and have developed very stringent rules on who we let in.

As we give you more control over HackPack and the ability to confirm new members in your Communities, we’ve broken down our internal policy, so you can follow suit and help us improve.

HackPack is for media professionals: journalists, photographers, videographers, editors, fixers, etc

  1. You should ONLY confirm someone you know, IF they have the correct role selected.
  2. Be Careful: Bots, trolls and tricksters create fake accounts. We don’t want them here
  3. The easiest way to verify the person is who they say they are is by checking their social media accounts connected to their account. Do the pictures match, is it a live account with original posts and demonstrates that the member works as they say they are?

Still unsure? Run a Google search for their name! But really, if you don’t personally know this person — just click skip.

Our admins review everyone at the end of the week. We’ll give them advice and instructions on how to gain access. So if you are unsure, leave it to us.

Why should you reject someone:

  1. It is a fake account, a troll, a bot or other non-do-gooder
  2. They designated the incorrect role — (How to select roles)

What if you don’t know?

Good identifiable information includes:

  1. social media accounts
  2. indicated employers
  3. work examples
  4. designated colleagues


  1. Students have a specific set of needs and goals that don’t always match their graduated counterparts. We plan to create a profile and experience unique for students, so they are designated as students and we can create the support they need. Until then, we have decided to limit their access. We ask you to not confirm them as of yet.

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