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There are many great freelancers out there and many professionals who moonlight. But how are you sure to pull in the right person for your project?

We’ve set up a great tool on HackPack to help you match with the ideal journalist, photographer, videographer, fixer or writer by sending requests to the +8000 vetted members in 160 countries.

Finding someone isn’t brain science, but it does tend to be an art form.

After commissioning a couple 1000 projects, we’ve highlighted the top lessons to find the ideal freelancer via HackPack.

Creating an Assignment

We’ve designed this feature, so you can find the right person by simply knowing what you need. With that, though, there are a few ‘artistic’ methods to increase the likelihood.

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If you need a camera operator, then we always suggest expanding the role to Producer and Photographer. Members who work in these areas often know many quality videographers and could share or advise who to contact!


Currently you can only select an entire country. Don’t worry about spamming, many members are willing to travel or are within a certain distance from the city you need, so it is better to expand it over a larger distance


If you need a videographer, language really isn’t that important. Also, a number of videographers haven’t designated their languages.

So if the location you need has a small amount of members, we highly advise indicating ‘All’ for language. But if there are plenty of members there, go ahead and focus the search a bit.


This filter doesn’t really apply to video shoots. Videographers rarely will only cover politics, environmentalism or lifestyle. Again, simply indicate ‘All’ to ensure you find the right professional.

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This is key because when you send an SMS alert, members see the title, price and who is requesting. Keep this concise and direct –what do you need, when and where.

To catch the attention of a freelancer, let them know what KIND of video shoot it is

Ex. Seeking Videographer in Madrid for user testimonials on Nov. 15

Ex. Need Drone operator for construction shoot (travel expenses paid) Nov 20

Don’t say this: 1 day shoot in Lisbon Nov. 18.

I’m not excited about that last one and neither would a talented HackPack member.


Ok, you’ve gotten their interest and they’ve clicked on your assignment, now it is the brief that will clinch the deal.

Honestly, we find this so important, that we’ve made a complete second post about it. Check out the whole post here.

For now, we’ll give you our top 3 factors to consider in attracting the best freelancers. You gotta convince them with:


For a full explanation, read the whole post on creating briefs here.

That’s a lot of info, but hopefully it will help you connect with some amazing professionals to produce great stories!

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