Are you trying to connect with journalists, photographers, videographers and/or producers around the world?

Well you’re in luck because we’ve developed a unique social media platform, HackPack, that helps you connect with over 14,000 media professionals in 170 countries!

The platform is ideal for promoting grants and fellowships, sharing events or getting that job advertisement to the right applicants.

How does it work?

  1. Create a post

It’s FREE to create a post. Just be sure to provide all of the key information in the description — requirements, benefits for applicants, who is providing the opportunity, deadline, link, etc.

2. Expand and TARGET

You can…

There are a lot of taboos and ethical questions hanging over journalists when they ponder whether to take that corporate or commercial gig. Making things trickier, corporate clients tend to have different expectations than media outlets.

Regardless, Covid’s impact on the market has made it a necessity to juggle between corporate projects and journalistic pieces.

To help you navigate this overwhelming sea, IJNet & HackPack teamed up to host a webinar where Marc Meier and Lauren Razavi shared their experiences from ghost writing to doing video case studies so you better understand how and whether to work in this area.

Here are the key lessons we learned:

As September begins, everyone is back at work, making it the ideal time to start reaching out and finding more publications to publish with. That makes it the share insight from expert freelancers who have made their livelihoods by knocking on doors and locking in clients.

In an online #FreelanceHacks discussion HackPack gathered Susana Mendoza and Chris Goldenbaum to share their advice on how to be more professional in your outreach to new clients and turn those potential leads into re-occurring commissions!

Here are the key lessons we learned:

Know your selling point

  • Begin by identifying your key value propositions and then search for clients in those…

Throughout the COVID summer, HackPack has brought journalists, videographers, fixers and photographers over 60,000USD in over 50 countries. We have seen clients’ need to find someone local due to travel and budget constraints, while freelancers face intense economic hardships.

Therefore, we have set ourselves to fix the way freelancing works and created a new platform that resolves the key issues that arise when working with freelancers in today’s environment.

Especially resolving sourcing, paying and managing freelance talent.

What the Platform Offers

For Publishers, Marketers and Due Diligence Agencies

  • Source talent and pitches from +14k freelancers in 170 countries
  • Provide insurance to freelancers in the field
  • Automate invoicing & reporting
  • Eliminate costs for…

Throughout this summer, there has been a heightened intensity of protests which have swiftly turned violent. Demonstrations in the US around police shootings, presidential elections in Belarus and in Lebanon after the port explosion have attracted journalists to help tell the story.

However, these events provide major challenges for safety and complexity during coverage.

Ok, you’ve gotten a freelancer’s interest and they’ve clicked on your assignment, now it is the brief that will clinch the deal.

We’ve found that the likelihood for them to respond is based upon 3 main factors:


Here, we’ll break them down for a video request.


Simply put, does the freelancer think that your project is worth their time. Good people only take up what interests them, so how do you spark that interest?

Obviously this is important. If you don’t put a price, then you may diminish the number of members who apply.

Money isn’t…

There are many great freelancers out there and many professionals who moonlight. But how are you sure to pull in the right person for your project?

We’ve set up a great tool on HackPack to help you match with the ideal journalist, photographer, videographer, fixer or writer by sending requests to the +8000 vetted members in 160 countries.

Finding someone isn’t brain science, but it does tend to be an art form.

After commissioning a couple 1000 projects, we’ve highlighted the top lessons to find the ideal freelancer via HackPack.

Creating an Assignment

We’ve designed this feature, so you can find the right…

This is definitely our most powerful tool because it makes processes within teams so much more efficient and easy.

In fact, it is so efficient that it is essentially invisible.

Let me explain.

Every time you work with a new freelancer, you publish an assignment. You’ll have multiple members apply, but you only commission to one. That freelancer is then attached to your specific assignment.

Once you accept their work, you are asked a simple question — did you enjoy working with them?

If you did, and you would like the rest of your team to have access to this…

Teams we’re here for you! Whether you are a production agency creating stories for various clients or a publication chasing after breaking news stories.

You all need to source a wide range of freelancers, track all of the transactions and get people paid. So we’ve produced a freelancer relationship management tool to help you swiftly and easily find, pay and manage great professionals around the world!

The first component of this tool is creating a company page.

Consider this your centralized console to connect all team members, save all projects going out, create a freelance pool and pay from a…

Climate change, immigration and refugee crises, trade wars, the FIFA World Cup — it doesn’t take long to fill a paper with story topics that demand cross-border collaborations.

The world has quickly evolved, but how do you professionally keep pace with it?

We’re covering a few key organizations and tools that help you adapt to that global world.

Our first is IJNet.

The International Center for Journalists created this website to help journalists learn about innovations and opportunities around the world. They also encourage the spread of professional knowledge.

HackPack talked to Samantha Berkhead, who manages a team of editors…

The global network for the media industry. Helping publications and companies find, hire and manage journalists, photographers and videographers.

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