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5 Things Journalists Are Sick Of Hearing

If you’ve been working in the field, you’ve probably heard these more times than you can count. If you’re just getting into it, here’s a survival guide.

“I have a great story for you.”

We’ve all been there. Nodding encouragingly while desperately looking for a way to escape a full-fledged pitch from a well-meaning relative, someone who sees a marketing opportunity or just an enthusiastic hobbyist who is sure they have a great article for you.

Your industry is dying.”

If we had a penny for every time we heard someone outside media talk about how journalism is a dying industry, we’d be heavily out-earning our own salaries.

“The media doesn’t do xxx right.”

A brilliant letter from Paul Farhi in The Washington Post voices a common lament among journalists.

“So who do you write for?”

People still have a very fixed idea of what a journalist is. Notebook, pen, overcaffeinated, underpaid, frantically working away unsociable hours in a newsroom. While all of those things are still (woefully) true, ‘journalist’ also covers videographers, photographers, documentarians, multimedia editors, social media strategists and far more.

“That doesn’t make a lot of money.”

People say this often, as if they’ve been the ones dreading looking at our bank balances at the end of each month.

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